Sanus Solutions llc

Hand Hygiene Compliance Made Simple


The Problem

Every year, more than 1.7 million patients will contract healthcare associated infections, and 100,000 of them will die. Hand hygiene has been proven to be the easiest yet most effective measure in healthcare. Current infection prevention methods such as undercover staff observations and staff training are neither effective nor efficient enough to combat infection issues that are present in hospitals everywhere today.


The Solution


Sanus Solutions Hand Hygiene Assistant is a one-of-a-kind system that uses IoT devices and facial recognition at its core to detect, analyze and alert staff members about their hand hygiene status. The Sanus Solutions’ Assistant utilizes a network of small IoT devices - one facing the entrance of every room your hospital or facility wants monitored and then one on each hand hygiene device, such as a sanitizer dispenser. The Sanus Solution’s Hand Hygiene Assistant can be used on any type of brand of dispenser, sink, or hand hygiene device - we are brand agnostic.