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Improve Hand Hygiene.

Reduce Infections.


Why Hand Hygiene?


Hand Hygiene

Healthcare associated infection prevention begins with proper hand hygiene. While there are many factors that cause healthcare associated infections, hand hygiene is the foundation of infection prevention. 


Compliance rate

There is another major problem in this space and that is the hand hygiene compliance rate, with a low-end median of only 31% across the United States in intensive care units. This means there are 69% missed hand hygiene opportunities at any given time. 


Cost Savings

Not only can an increase in hand hygiene save patient lives, but it can also save hospitals money. A study has shown that just a 1.0% increase in hand hygiene compliance resulted in annual savings of $39,650 to a 200-bed hospital.

Product Features Overview


Facial Recognition

The core of Sanus Solutions Hand Hygiene Assistant runs on proprietary algorithms that use facial recognition in conjunction with our IoT device sensors. The Assistant does not require a staff member to wear anything on their body as compared to current industry solutions where monitored staff need to wear battery-powered RFID badges. The system runs 24/7 in the background and requires no adjustment to staff member behavior. It only turns on when someone enters/exits the room or uses a hand hygiene device. This means no more RFID badges, no more undercover observers, and no more interruptions to workflow.

Security and Data Protection

We are always concerned about the security and privacy of our customers. As part of this, the Sanus Solutions Hand Hygiene Assistant does not store the photos that our devices take. Initially, when a user provides a photo of their face, our system converts that photo into an encrypted format that only a machine can read and cannot be converted back into a photo. Once this process is complete, the photo is deleted. Likewise, when a staff member enters a room and a photo is taken, the photo is again, converted to a machine code, analyzed, and deleted immediately. 

All data collected is password protected and only accessible by designated hospital staff.



Software, Maintenance, and 24/7 customer support

You will gain access to our data dashboard and software application to view data and charts, manage staff, and export raw data. As we maintain and make upgrades of new features, these can be easily and remotely deployed to your current system. Reported software issues will be addressed in a timely manner and if you ever experience any issues with our system you may call us at any time at our provided customer service number. 

If any piece of equipment malfunctions or becomes damaged we will replace it free of charge.