Intelligent Healthcare-Associated-Infection Monitoring


Providing a new set of data medical professionals haven't been able to obtain before 




Although progress has been made in preventing some post-operation infection types, there is still a significant number of patients that are infected every year.

Sanus Solutions is dedicated to help professionals to fully understand the cause of healthcare-associated infection by using advanced AI system to both monitor and analyze video data. 


Our Approach

Our solution is a system we like to call ORCA or Operating Room Computer Asepsis System, an AI-based video recording system. Compared to traditional note-taking solutions, ORCA provides not only exceptional video recording for evidence based practice but also live and post-feedback during surgical operations. Our system also incorporates machine learning as we obtain more video recordings and through user input as to where sterile breaches have occurred, it becomes more accurate.

We are aware that SSIs are hard to trace back to their initial cause and that there are many factors to this problem, not just following proper technique during the procedure. For instance what if the surgical tools weren’t sterilized properly or the patient didn’t take their antibiotics post-operation? This is why we are currently focusing on the macroscale and analysing the areas in which we can see,catch, and analyze.


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