Improve Hand Hygiene.

Reduce Infections.


Hand Hygiene

Healthcare associated infection prevention begins with proper hand hygiene. While there are many factors that cause healthcare associated infections, hand hygiene is the foundation of infection prevention. 


ICU compliance rate

There is another major problem in this space and that is the hand hygiene compliance rate, with a low-end median of only 31% across the United States in intensive care units. This means there are 69% missed hand hygiene opportunities at any given time. 



Not only can an increase in hand hygiene save patient lives, but it can also save hospitals money. A study has shown that a 1.0% increase in hand hygiene compliance resulted in annual savings of $39,650 to a 200-bed hospital.

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The Sanus Solution

Our system will automatically collect all staff hand hygiene data and generate easy to access statistics and raw data reports for hospital infection prevention teams to analyze and use in their organizations.

The Sanus Hand Hygiene Assistant implements an Internet of Things(IoT) network and cloud solutions for computer vision and data storage. Our assistant is easy to scale and provides the highest standard security measures to protect our client's privacy.


Web Application

With our easy-to-use web app, infection prevention teams and other staff are able to view all data our assistant collects, export raw data sheets for use with their preferred data analysis software, or view detailed data visualizations on our platform. Staff members may also use our application to view individual compliance reports as well as manage and customize alert options.